AIMS Leak standard LS-20B For the purpose of confirming the leak ingress, the leak can still be read accurately and can be used for calibration of leak detectors to adjust the leak ingress to accurately read the value.

AIMS Leak standard LS-20B There will be a scale in the range for adjusting the desired gas leak value. It can be used for wide range of gas leak checks at low leak rates and higher gas settings for calibration of leak checkers. >>Read more<<

Bacharach Leak Standard LS-25 is a Leak standard for any leak detector. It is used for confirm leak rate reading from the leak detector and also could be standard for leak detector calibration.

Bacharach Leak Standard LS-25 comes in varies standard refrigerant gas such as R134a, R22 , R410a, R32, etc. At the specific leak rate (range 6 – 10 g/a). >>Read more<<












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